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If your like and a lot of you are, meaning you want to make a full time income online, than you should try out my free 30 day coaching program. Over the course of my internet marketing career I’ve had many fails and trials. I’ve at least tried a hundred different methods to making money and I”ve bought every shiny object on the market trying to make a buck. While some have failed, what I teach in this coaching program has stood the test of time and I guarantee will continue to work for a very long time. read more

How To Get Content For Your Blog

Let’s face it some people just don’t like writing. Like me I hate to write to be honest. If I wasn’t trying to make a living out of writing this blog and I didn’t have passion for what I am doing on this website than I wouldn’t even attempt to write. But wonder if you don’t like what you are writing about and there is good money in it? For example “Luxury Homes In Alabama”(There is some a free niche for someone).

I have a few websites that I have been getting original content for and I don’t write anything for them. What I do is outsource it. Let’s face it, it’s either money or time and I don’t want to take the time to write anything for those websites. read more

How To Sale Clickbank Products

There is a lot of people just starting out in the IM world who don’t understand how to sale anything on Clickbank. A lot of the problem is because they have been burned on “junk products” from Clickbank and therefore they don’t think anything good is on Clickbank but that is not necessarily true. That is the reason I am writing this article is to tell  you how to sell Clickbank products.

Sure there is plenty of “Get Rich’ products on Clickbank and you can buy them for $48 dollars, sometimes that is what they cost monthly but there is other products as well. For example, there is a study course for Human Anatomy and Physiology Course, Click Here to see it, it hardly has any refunds and sales at least on the average 16 a day, that is $37 a sale multiplied by 16 sales that is $592 a day. Do you think it is impossible for you to sale at least 5 of those a day? read more

Auto Blogs Are Not Dead (The Reinstecker Method)

Not for sure if you are familiar with auto blogs or not so I thought I would write about them in this post. Auto Blogs are exactly as they sound. They are blogs that run completely on automation/ The upside is you never have to worry about them being updated, the downside is, it is not unique content which is something the big G wants.

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Right now I average around $3.00 a day from auto blogs. I’ve been doing it since early November of 2014 so I am sure my money will start to grow. The method I use is called “The Reinsticker Method” , it got’s its name from the person who posted this method on You can read the method in depth by Clicking Here. read more

Why Building A List Is Important

While a lot of bloggers and website owners worry about search engine optimization, page rank, backlinks and all that other jargoon that you hear about I worry about one simple thing, my email list.  Even with this website I want to make sure that I am building my list while I provide you good content. If you are wanting to make money online the first thing you should be concerned with is building a list. Email marketing is still relevant don’t let no one fool you..

A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business, Run From a Coffee Shop? read more

A SEO Clerks Method That Makes Big Money

Lets face it, Fiverr SEO methods are dead. If your trying to rank a website with Fiverr you might as well go the bottom of the lake and drown, but one method that is working like a charm is my SEO Clerks Method!

How many times have you been on your favorite forum or you have saw SEO services that range anywhere from $25 to $500? What most of them do is play the middle man and they get the money just for relying the message. It’s called arbitrage, “buy low, sell high”

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Slow Month…

Well guys and girls I would like to say it’s been a money making January and I am in the Caribbean Celebrating but that would be a lie. It has been slow this month and it usually is because most people have spent all their money at Christmas (Don’t worry Tax Season Is Almost Here!!!). I have however been trying  a new autoblogging method that is making me a few bucks a day and here in a few weeks I will share it with you.

I’ve not been working hard on my email list which is a big no no. Anyhow I have been concentrating and working hard on my autoblogs and my dailymotion and youtube accounts. I have never made as much money online as I have with youtube so it will always be one of my main ways of making money online. The beauty of it is that I have never had to film myself or produce a video. Sign up for my newsletter  if you want to know how I been making $300 a day online with youtube. Click Here  read more

Make Money With Dailymotion

So I know it  has been a while, I’ve been pretty busy lately. My day job has needed my attention and I’ve been a little sick lately but nothing to worry about. though. Anyhow one of the methods I have been using to to make money lately involves dailymotion.

Dailymotion is the second to only youtube as far as video websites are concerned. One of the reasons you don’t hear of dailymotion as compared to youtube in IM circles is because until recently you could only be a partner on youtube and youtube is owned by Google. The one advantage dailymotion has over youtube is that it isn’t ban crazy. read more

Update On What I Been Doing

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote you so I thought I better drop a line. You know a lot of times I don’t get a chance to where I stay busy at my other job but now is better than no time I guess. I write a lot about all the different methods I try online and sometimes I don’t write you about all of them because they are not working for me yet.

I actually have been concentrating on my Amazon websites and really nothing else. One is in the music niche and the other in the health/weight loss niche. I built one site with exact domain name match + reviews. It was for a ten dollar book which all marketers will tell you to start with something over $100 because there is not a enough commissions in the $10 stuff, I wanted to see if I could rank it high because obviously most marketers are not going to fool with it. I figured if no one is pushing it as a website, it could be like a mini niche site that would stay at the top for a while and catch me some amazon buyers. Well a few months later I am still waiting on that. Some people would say “you need to write more content”. I’ve at least 5 articles on the page and to be honest I haven’t put much effort into ranking it. As I was writing this I started thinking of ways to monetize it and it just hit me “I forgot to put a sign up sheet on that site” That means I have successfully ruined my chances of getting the 15 or so visitors that web page gets per day back. You should always build a list and I messed that up well I fixed it today. read more

Does Anyone Make Money With Clickbank Anymore?

You know if you search any forums or chat rooms online the one question you always here is “Does anyone make money with Clickbank anymore?” And the answer is HELL YEAH they do. Now lets be honest though not all Clickbank products are credit worthy. Some of the products are simply put garbage but they sale as well. Your job is to find something you stand behind and sale it.

The first mistake marketers make when trying to choose a product on Clickbank is they go for the “make money online” stuff. I know that was one of my first mistakes. Now your trying to sale products to other people who are making money online too. So they automatically know they are getting an affiliated product and they become an affiliate themselves. Other thing is that they see emails all day about making money online and they are numb to your emails. read more