Tools and Info That Work For Me

1.The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime-This book changed my way of looking at money, wealth and how to get there. I recommend to any serious entrepreneur.

2. Hastehosting Webhosting is the most important thing to an internet marketer if your website is down or you having trouble your not making no money online. That is why I count on a good host that is reliable always there and I can count on. Check out Hastehosting they are my go to host and they can help just about anyone at any price range #1 for wordpress hosting.

3. WordPress-This is the standard in blogs. All the tops dogs use them. If you go with godaddy it’s a push button install meaning you don’t have to do nothing but select wordpress.

4. Article Forge-Creates unique content in seconds, great tool to build up Web 2.0 backlinks and create unique articles for fillers on your money site. Plus it comes with an awesome guide that shows you how to rank sites.

5. Videoswiper-Videoswiper can build a video website like youtube in hours with thousands of videos and it can upload fresh unique content daily. It truly is a set it and forget it kind of software. If your going to make a video website or you follow one of my methods on here. I suggest using Videoswiper.

6. does a lot of my automation for me, it is a great tool and I am very thankful that it’s free.

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