Your Best Tool For Making Money Online

I know I’ve told you about some of the tools and software I use to make money but you know what is my and your best tool for making money. It’s not a bot or software it is our persistence.

I don’t know how many forums I’ve read where people set goals especially on  that they are going to make x amount of money per day. They do one thing I think is right and they are trying to make their self accountable by posting it on a forum but only after a few post they quit writing. Why do you think that is? It is because they gave up most of the time. read more

How I Make Money Online

So I told a little about myself in my first blog, in this addition I am going to tell you how I make money online . Many people wonder how you do you make money online. There is many different ways actually, to name a few: advertising on your website, doing small jobs on sites like rapid workers, fiverr, surveys, cost per action or cpa as it is called,content locking, tier marketing, doing reviews, and affiliate marketing and many more.

My main source of income online right now is affiliate marketing, advertising on my websites, and Youtube. I do make a little off of cpa and content locking but not much. I make money  by scaling. Scaling in the IM sense is to multiply what you are already doing.  For example if one website is making you $20 a month, than make 10 of them and you will make $200 a month if you follow the same formula. read more

Welcome To Make Money With Smoot

I would like to say thank you and welcome to my very first blog post at Make Money With Smoot. My name is Chris Smoot but everybody calls me Smoot. In this first post I will just tell you a little about myself and what my plan is here at Make Money With Smoot.

I am small town West Virginia boy that currently works 9-5 like most people. The only difference is that I am also a part time internet marketer. In 2009 I was in a job that kept me stressed to the max and thought “there has to be something better?” I saw somewhere where Facebook made so much money that year and I started looking into how they made money then it lead me into seeing how I could make money. A few years later and a lot less money (buying everything that promised gold) I am finally starting to see profit.  Last month (March of 2014) between all my different projects online I brought in close to $800 from online work. I am not rich from it but I am not broke either. Now I am just scaling what’s working (we will talk about scaling later on). It’s not as easy as most “Gurus” will tell you there is no get rich formula but it’s not that hard either. It just takes hard work. read more