How I Make Money Online

So I told a little about myself in my first blog, in this addition I am going to tell you how I make money online . Many people wonder how you do you make money online. There is many different ways actually, to name a few: advertising on your website, doing small jobs on sites like rapid workers, fiverr, surveys, cost per action or cpa as it is called,content locking, tier marketing, doing reviews, and affiliate marketing and many more.

My main source of income online right now is affiliate marketing, advertising on my websites, and Youtube. I do make a little off of cpa and content locking but not much. I make money  by scaling. Scaling in the IM sense is to multiply what you are already doing.  For example if one website is making you $20 a month, than make 10 of them and you will make $200 a month if you follow the same formula.

The way I scale with Youtube is by producing as many videos as I can get ahold of and advertising on them .  I try to use material that is not copyrighted and I use a tool called Videoswiper that uploads mass quantities of videos to my channels. It’s not exactly White Hat but it’s not so black either but we will get into that later. After I mass upload videos to youtube I connect them to adsense. From there I make money online on autopilot.  Almost like clock worth I get a direct deposit from Google on the 23rd of every month. Have I had a lot of channels took down? Yes but a lot of them are still up too, the point is I don’t quit making channels so I continue to increase my revenue from Youtube.

Another way I scale is by building my email list and affiliate marketing. Those two things go hand and hand. I get people to sign up for my email list. Than I offer them valuable information and tools that I am an affiliate marketer of. I use to just offer anything just so I could get a sale now I offer only things that I have used that make money and I’ve found my conscious and my wallet have grown a little thicker because of it . The way you scale list building is by adding more people to your list. If you have a list of 1,000 and only 1% buy a product that is $50 dollar you have made  $500! So if you have a list of 2,000 and 1% buy you have made $1,000! So I continue to scale my list and my income continues to grow from that.

The last way I make money online is by advertising on my websites. The way I scale them is by making many websites or by making a huge website. I’ve done and continue to do a mixture of both. This way I find a little harder to make money but I continue to do it because websites take more time but over time they are more stable and are less likely to get took down by an outside force. You can however get a google penality but if your building a list you can get your audience’s attention through that.

So that is the way I make money online. We will however go over the other ways to make money but these are my main ways of making an income from my online work. If you have other ways in which I didn’t list I would like to hear about them.



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