I’m Back…For Now Anyways, Well At Least For This Article

So I just noticed it has been almost two years since I last wrote on this blog. You are probably wondering why do I still got it up? Well, I always have good intentions of coming back here and posting my online journey but I always get sidetracked. Also, this site doesn’t make me money so I don’t focus on it too much. If it did you would see me on here every day posting. Anyway, it’s been a wild couple of years but I am still making a full-time living online branching out and trying a few new things and more. In partnership with Casino Classic, I’ve had the chance to delve into a world of thrilling online gaming experiences. Recently, my focus has shifted towards exploring the excitement of Online Casino Games. I’ve had messages from a few people asking when I was going to update, and I had a few minutes. Here we go! And speaking of my online journey, I’ve also been exploring some exciting opportunities in the world of trusted Japanese casinos. If you’re interested in online gaming, you might want to check out some amazing bingo-bonus deals and offers.

My Websites Are Doing Well, Kind Of…

Well, we all have been locked up in the house the past year due to the pandemic which was rough but it was really good for my online businesses which also benefits from this software used to make check stubs. The money went thru the roof the past year. I made more money than I ever thought I would so that has been fun. I tried to reinvest it back into my sites as much as possible and set up a nest egg for myself. I built links, got faster servers, and more but since the latest Google update, none of that seems to matter. It didn’t completely destroy my traffic but it did put a damper on things for sure. I’ve seen searches uptick for my main adult site which means it is its own brand which is what we want.  When people search for your brand that means they want what you have and no one else so I am really happy about that.

Still Using SEO Autopilot But As A Tier 2 Builder

Before I took my last break I was doing a project with SEO Autopilot to see if I could get it to rank and then I just quit. You can read this post here and learn more about SEO. Honestly, a few updates from Google happened and I just got discouraged. I still use SEO Autopilot. I use it a little on my Tier 1’s but I mainly use it for support as a Tier 2. I believe it helps build up my links and it has always been a part of my arsenal. As always the best way to build links though is natural and the big g is learning more and more every day so it’s getting harder to take shortcuts.

Trying New Niche Out and So Far Nothing

In the past 4 months, I recently started a new niche out. It gets plenty of searches and it doesn’t seem as competitive as adult and ads according to ahrefs are expensive. So that tells me there is money to be made. I am hoping I can do well with it. I just started working on it and I am doing SEO with it so it will take longer to start making money but once it does I think it can help me spread my wings a bit. With SEO and a good serp checker you have to be patient and resilient by not giving up before you see any successes. So when that starts ranking I hope I can get on here and let you guys know about it.

Feeling My Way Around Crypto

During lockdown and the pandemic, I also started to get into crypto more specifically Bitcoin. I really feel the Dollar is being devalued no matter who is in charge of it. It’s a vicious cycle that all fiat money goes thru (inflation and sometimes hyperinflation). I do feel that bitcoin is the future of money or at least a better version of the Gold Standard of money. It’s just my opinion though, I could be wrong.

I’m also working with over 100 other marketers on an awesome crypto project called Unity. With the help of other like minds, we are working to bring a solid token that gives to charity and awards holders. I really feel that it is going to be big success in the near future and if you are into crypto I suggest checking out and buying some if you can.

Handshake Domains and NameBase

I’ve also gotten into Handshake domains. It’s basically the way I feel the internet and the world is going and that is decentralized.  You are in charge and own the TLD. So I can own the TLD moneywithsmoot and have sites like makemoney.moneywithsmoot,  sales.moneywithsmoot etc. Check out the video below. It describes what Handshake domains are and why it is the future. Also if you are wanting to start buying your own TLD’s  you can do so by Using Namebase By Clicking Here. I suggest if you are an internet marketer watch this and start thinking about the future it will be here quicker than we both know.

There is so much more going on right now but that is just a few of the things that I have been into. As always I love hearing comments below on what’s going on with you folks and your opinions on what I am doing.  Also, let us know what is working with you and your online marketing efforts which can be backed up by top local services like this taxi tv advertising.  Also in the coming day I am going to restart the newsletter. I am using Sendy now. Aweber took me down last time I used them (I had some adult sites on there to and I didn’t know you couldn’t do that).

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