I’m Back…For Now Anyways, Well At Least For This Article

So I just noticed it has been almost two years since I last wrote on this blog. You are probably wondering why do I still got it up? Well, I always have good intentions of coming back here and posting my online journey but I always get sidetracked. Also, this site doesn’t make me money so I don’t focus on it too much. If it did you would see me on here every day posting. Anyway, it’s been a wild couple of years but I am still making a full-time living online branching out and trying a few new things and more. I’ve had messages from a few people asking when I was going to update, and I had a few minutes. Here we go! And speaking of my online journey, I’ve also been exploring some exciting opportunities in the world of trusted Japanese casinos. read more

How To Build Links The Easy Way

By reading my blog you can probably guess, I’m not a huge seo guy. I know enough to get by but when it comes to Tier 1 and 2 and all that other stuff I don’t know a lot about it. I guess the reason is the only thing that is stable is quality content with a backlink strategy that links to sites that are of common cause. I’m in the make money online niche and I try to trade with other sites that are in it too. While building links I try to create quality content too.

If you are like me then you try to grab links by searching the big g for blog post similar to yours and you comment and await if they will approve your comment. It sucks because you don’t know if they will approve your comment or not, so you might be doing all that work for nothing. read more

Auto Blogs Are Not Dead (The Reinstecker Method)

Not for sure if you are familiar with auto blogs or not so I thought I would write about them in this post. Auto Blogs are exactly as they sound. They are blogs that run completely on automation/ The upside is you never have to worry about them being updated, the downside is, it is not unique content which is something the big G wants.

>>> How One Guy Did Over $21 Million Online…All From a Coffee Shop!<<<

Right now I average around $3.00 a day from auto blogs. I’ve been doing it since early November of 2014 so I am sure my money will start to grow. The method I use is called “The Reinsticker Method” , it got’s its name from the person who posted this method on BlackHatWorld.com. You can read the method in depth by Clicking Here. read more

My Video Website Method

Right now it’s my summer break so I am trying to get in as much internet marketing as I can.  So I know I’ve told you about my Amazon Method that I am working on but I am also working on a Video Website Method.

Instead of writing articles on a word press blog and ranking for keywords, I am using videos and mass uploading them with different descriptions. I’ve got one site with over 15,000 videos that makes me on the average around $1.00 a day right now but it’s only a few months old. So I can imagine within a few years the website really ranking high and making some money. Anyway even if it doesn’t make more than a dollar a day. I could make a 150 websites that make a dollar a day so I could possibly make a 150 bucks or more a day if I needed. read more