How To Build Links The Easy Way

By reading my blog you can probably guess, I’m not a huge seo guy. I know enough to get by but when it comes to Tier 1 and 2 and all that other stuff I don’t know a lot about it. I guess the reason is the only thing that is stable is quality content with a backlink strategy that links to sites that are of common cause. I’m in the make money online niche and I try to trade with other sites that are in it too. While building links I try to create quality content too.

If you are like me then you try to grab links by searching the big g for blog post similar to yours and you comment and await if they will approve your comment. It sucks because you don’t know if they will approve your comment or not, so you might be doing all that work for nothing.

Another metric that is becoming more important in the SEO world is Packaged SEO. Is your site being shared on Facebook,Twitter, Pintrest etc. So there is so much that goes on with SEO it’s hard to keep track of.

Although my seo work has recently gotten a lot easier due to a website I came across  (don’t ask me how I found it because I’m not sure) It’s called LinkCollider.

LinkCollider basically takes care of your backlinking strategy and it takes care of your social aspect too. So you knock to birds out with one stone. It’s got everything you need to build links and social reputation to your website.

The best part about Linkcollider is it’s free. To earn points you share, like, and follower with your social networks and in return others will share your material so it’s like a trade network.

Now they do have a paid membership that will share your webpages and build backlinks on autopilot which is what I use because like I always say it’s money or time but you gotta pay.

It is an all in one seo tool. They have article rewriters and spinners,search engine submitters, an awesome bookmarking tool and so much more.

If your an internet marketer or trying to build a blog than you need to at least check this site out. It’s got everything you need to help with your strategy of building a good site with white hat methods. Keep in mind that there are also link building services like Victorious agency who can tell you which of your backlinks are contributing the most results and which aren’t up to par.

Click Here To Check Out Linkcollider  

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