My Video Website Method

Right now it’s my summer break so I am trying to get in as much internet marketing as I can.  So I know I’ve told you about my Amazon Method that I am working on but I am also working on a Video Website Method.

Instead of writing articles on a word press blog and ranking for keywords, I am using videos and mass uploading them with different descriptions. I’ve got one site with over 15,000 videos that makes me on the average around $1.00 a day right now but it’s only a few months old. So I can imagine within a few years the website really ranking high and making some money. Anyway even if it doesn’t make more than a dollar a day. I could make a 150 websites that make a dollar a day so I could possibly make a 150 bucks or more a day if I needed.

Anyhow I will walk you through this method so maybe you can give it a shot.

1. The first thing you do is Sign up for VideoSwiper.

2. The next thing you do is get one of the API Plugins and Website (Once you sign up for Video Swiper you will see the API Plugins I go with the WP Video Website Click Here To Check It Out. 

3.. After you do that you get web hosting and a domain. If you want it for only $12.00 your first year check out my method here

4. Install wordpress on your new website if you use the wp video website that I use than follow the directions for your videoswiper api plugin and website.

5. Now this is where it counts. You spin the content that is going to go in your description before you upload it to videoswiper. So each video is unique (read up on how to do this at video swiper).

6 If you really want it to be easy put it on automatic and it will upload videos while you sleep.

I been using LinkLuv to help me with backlinks and get my website on social networks but that is optional but I highly recommend it.

I didn’t go to in depth with this method but that gives you an idea where to start. It is going to take your website a few months to start ranking so don’t expect it to happen over night. But once it does you will make a few bucks hopefully. If you really one a spruce things up find a clickbank product to go along with your niche.

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