My Amazon Method I am Trying Right Now

When I first started this blog I wasn’t too big on Amazon. The reason I have never really got into being an Amazon Affiliate is because 1) They don’t pay much and 2)It takes a lot of sales to make a lot of money=lots of traffic. But now I have saw a few sales in my affiliate area and I don’t know where they came from I am starting to change my mind.

So using the Honey and Godaddy method I showed you in a earlier post. If you missed it check it out Click Here . I bought an exact match domain +revew so for example After that I took my content spinner Content Professor. (Click Here For Content Professor) and I spun the top content on Google. After I made a few articles out of that, I started building backlinks. I am getting backlinks the old school way, by commenting on articles and of course by using LinkLuv for social backlinks, I also use youtube videos. Now it’s a wait and see game but I am being proactive. I try to build or add something to each website everyday. So in due time I will let you know how it works.

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