Get A Backlink From Amazon

Hey guys I hope you been doing well. Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, I’ve been really busy and I haven’t had time to be on here. I been working on websites for clients and friends and also my own. Before we get into this post I want to add that I hit a new goal of making money online this month. I made it $3,000 a month online mostly due to webcams! It took me long enough but I finally did it so I wanted to add if you really want to make money online its possible. Trust me I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and if I can do it you can do it! read more

Don’t Use Amazon In Your Domain Name

Well I said in prior post (here is the post) that I was working a little more on Amazon affiliate marketing. I had exact match domain+reviews. Well the domain was and what I did was spin content using my content spinner.

Well this week I received this email from Amazon associate:

Dear Associate,

We have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

We noticed that you’re using the domain name AMAZONFIREPHONEREVIEWS.INFO.  The Associates Program Operating Agreement prohibits your use of Amazon trademarks, or misspellings or variations of Amazon trademarks, in domain names. Please note that our trademark policy also covers any username, group name, or other identifier on any social network website.

We need you to find a new domain name that does not violate the Associates Program Operating Agreement and transfer your content to your new site within the next seven (7) days.  We also need you to transfer this domain to Amazon, as well as any other domains you own that contain any of our trademarks.

Please reply to us with your transfer authorization by using the Contact Us form available here —

After we hear from you, Amazon will arrange to purchase your AMAZONFIREPHONEREVIEWS.INFO domain for the initial registration price, provided that you agree not to register any other domains containing Amazon trademarks, or misspellings or variations of those trademarks.

If we do not hear from you within seven (7) days, we will be forced to close your associates account and withhold payment of all advertising fees in accordance with the Associates Program Operating Agreement.

While we sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for our brands, we have a legal responsibility to monitor how others use Amazon trademarks.  We obviously want to avoid confusion among customers who see your domain name and wrongly assume that your website and its content are sponsored or written by Amazon.

For more information, please review the Associates Program Operating Agreement —

We appreciate your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter.  We look forward to hearing from you within one week.

I was surprised to see that. I’ve always been a guy who gets an idea and works out all the other stuff later. I admit I haven’t read Amazon’s policies yet but maybe I should’ve. I would have saved myself some time or trouble. So if you are ever wondering, don’t use Amazon in your domain name. read more

My Amazon Method I am Trying Right Now

When I first started this blog I wasn’t too big on Amazon. The reason I have never really got into being an Amazon Affiliate is because 1) They don’t pay much and 2)It takes a lot of sales to make a lot of money=lots of traffic. But now I have saw a few sales in my affiliate area and I don’t know where they came from I am starting to change my mind.

So using the Honey and Godaddy method I showed you in a earlier post. If you missed it check it out Click Here . I bought an exact match domain +revew so for example After that I took my content spinner Content Professor. (Click Here For Content Professor) and I spun the top content on Google. After I made a few articles out of that, I started building backlinks. I am getting backlinks the old school way, by commenting on articles and of course by using LinkLuv for social backlinks, I also use youtube videos. Now it’s a wait and see game but I am being proactive. I try to build or add something to each website everyday. So in due time I will let you know how it works. read more