Get A Backlink From Amazon

Hey guys I hope you been doing well. Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, I’ve been really busy and I haven’t had time to be on here. I been working on websites for clients and friends and also my own. Before we get into this post I want to add that I hit a new goal of making money online this month. I made it $3,000 a month online mostly due to webcams! It took me long enough but I finally did it so I wanted to add if you really want to make money online its possible. Trust me I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and if I can do it you can do it! read more

An Amazon Method Worth Trying

I was reading on my favorite forum the other day and I came across a Amazon method worth trying. It’s a few years old but I am sure it still works. I will be putting it to test in the next few weeks to let you know my results but I thought I would share it with my blog fans too.

It involves a Amazon Seller’s account if you don’t have one get one here After you get your seller’s account, you will basically be a middle man. For example you take this coat from Walmart Click Here that is $29.97 sell  it on Amazon For $50. I don’t physically hold the product I just serve as a middleman. Once they purchase the jacket off Amazon for $50, I go to and I buy the coat and on the shipping address I ship it to the home of the buyer off Amazon. After commisions and shipping and handling I should make around $30 bucks. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do this. Once you got this method down path and say you ten flips in one hour that is $300 bucks!! read more