An Amazon Method Worth Trying

I was reading on my favorite forum the other day and I came across a Amazon method worth trying. It’s a few years old but I am sure it still works. I will be putting it to test in the next few weeks to let you know my results but I thought I would share it with my blog fans too.

It involves a Amazon Seller’s account if you don’t have one get one here After you get your seller’s account, you will basically be a middle man. For example you take this coat from Walmart Click Here that is $29.97 sell  it on Amazon For $50. I don’t physically hold the product I just serve as a middleman. Once they purchase the jacket off Amazon for $50, I go to and I buy the coat and on the shipping address I ship it to the home of the buyer off Amazon. After commisions and shipping and handling I should make around $30 bucks. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do this. Once you got this method down path and say you ten flips in one hour that is $300 bucks!!

The complaints I’ve heard are that people are scared that the price will be included on the package and that the buyer is going to be upset. But why would they be upset they ordered from you the product they wanted and it was delivered? Correct? My buddie who introduced this method on the forum knows people who are making a easy $10,000 a month off this.

The downside is your going to have to have an investment or a credit line in order to buy the goods upfront because Amazon has a 14 day waiting period for your money. It could be longer if your a newbie. But if you got a little money laying around or a good credit line I say give it a shot and see what happens. Have you ever tried this method or know someone who has I want to know what you think below.

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