Auto Blogs Are Not Dead (The Reinstecker Method)

Not for sure if you are familiar with auto blogs or not so I thought I would write about them in this post. Auto Blogs are exactly as they sound. They are blogs that run completely on automation/ The upside is you never have to worry about them being updated, the downside is, it is not unique content which is something the big G wants.

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Right now I average around $3.00 a day from auto blogs. I’ve been doing it since early November of 2014 so I am sure my money will start to grow. The method I use is called “The Reinsticker Method” , it got’s its name from the person who posted this method on You can read the method in depth by Clicking Here.

Basically it’s making tons of adult auto blogs with wordpress and posting to twitter and tumblr . Many people worry about copyright and other legal issues but most of the time all you will be asked to do is take  a pic off, if someone request it.

What I like to do is watermark the pics and direct people to go to my white label cam site. That is where the real money comes in.

This method won’t work if you just make 5 and leave it at that. You have to make at least 50 before you will start seeing money coming in but it does work. Another thing you have to deal with is your eyes and conscience. If you are religious or have high moral standards this might not be the thing for you because you have to see some pretty nasty stuff.

The good part is you set it and forget it. It truly runs on autopilot which is what we all want right? So if you want something that is set it and forget it this might be the thing for you. Just don’t spend all your time looking at pics….

Click Here To Read Reinstecker’s Method In Depth

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