Why Building A List Is Important

While a lot of bloggers and website owners worry about search engine optimization, page rank, backlinks and all that other jargoon that you hear about I worry about one simple thing, my email list.  Even with this website I want to make sure that I am building my list while I provide you good content. If you are wanting to make money online the first thing you should be concerned with is building a list. Email marketing is still relevant don’t let no one fool you.. Additionally, there is an entrepreneur like Dooley who can help you with your business.

A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business, Run From a Coffee Shop?

There is a few reasons why and I will list (no pun intended haha) them here for you.

1.  When your only concerned about getting traffic through the search engines you have to get in touch with services like localbrandadvisor.com/local-search-ads to focus on many things like backlinks,seo, other competitors targeting your website, Google updating their algorithm,. The fact is most websites will not always remain at #1. If your ranking #1 today more than likely that will change eventually and so will your traffic. With a email list long as you are not spamming you can send out an email announcing a new post and you will have consistent traffic.

2. You get repeat customers.  If your advertising a good product that will help people than you can more than likely sale them another product that will help them.

3 You have consistent traffic. If you have good quality info and products your list will keep clicking on your links inside your newsletters.

The only key to building a list though is to give quality to generate a top notch SEO strategy for your website. Don’t spam your customers and don’t email them crappy products. If your using software and your making money off of it, see if it is an affiliate product if so share it with them and tell them how you use it. I guarantee you will get some sales.

So if your not building a list right now I suggest start today. Click Here and get the first month free with getresponse (that’s who I use to build my list) I regret not starting sooner than I did building my list. That is when I started seeing a little extra change laying around the house.

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