A SEO Clerks Method That Makes Big Money

Lets face it, Fiverr SEO methods are dead. If your trying to rank a website with Fiverr you might as well go the bottom of the lake and drown, but one method that is working like a charm is my SEO Clerks Method!

How many times have you been on your favorite forum or you have saw SEO services that range anywhere from $25 to $500? What most of them do is play the middle man and they get the money just for relying the message. It’s called arbitrage, “buy low, sell high”

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Let me explain, You sign up for SEO Clerks Click Here (don’t worry it’s free) Next you either build a website or make a Warrior Forum or Black Hat World Forum Ad advertising your SEO business. (Make sure that you get the highest ranked SEO services on SEO Clerks) You just make an ad on your website or on the forum selling those services. The trick is though your going to sale them for twice the amount of what they are sold for on SEO Clerks. For example if a service to get ranked on google cost $25 on SEO Clerks. Your going to sale for $50. If someone would ask for refund, you would seek refund through SEO Clerks. It’s really that simple. You play the middle man and make big bucks doing it.

Another place you can sell your services as I found out is ebay. Just look around on ebay there is all kinds of people doing this and making big money doing it.

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