How To Sale Clickbank Products

There is a lot of people just starting out in the IM world who don’t understand how to sale anything on Clickbank. A lot of the problem is because they have been burned on “junk products” from Clickbank and therefore they don’t think anything good is on Clickbank but that is not necessarily true. That is the reason I am writing this article is to tell  you how to sell Clickbank products.

Sure there is plenty of “Get Rich’ products on Clickbank and you can buy them for $48 dollars, sometimes that is what they cost monthly but there is other products as well. For example, there is a study course for Human Anatomy and Physiology Course, Click Here to see it, it hardly has any refunds and sales at least on the average 16 a day, that is $37 a sale multiplied by 16 sales that is $592 a day. Do you think it is impossible for you to sale at least 5 of those a day?

Our problem with selling things on Clickbank, well at least mine and a few others is that we are trying to make a living out of Clickbank and you have people on Clickbank who are selling to people like me and you trying to make a living out of it when what we should be doing is trying to find ways to  help people. That course is one example but there is many others too and programs to manage your business money, just read  the benefits of using payroll programs in a company.

Another problem a lot of us have as IM’ers is that we just try to sale link without a squeeze page to capture emails. For example I could have a squeeze page for the Human Anatomy Course that captures emails of people who are interested in the course but they just don’t have the money right now or they just don’t want to spend it at the time but after a few times of failing a A&P class (I’ve been there before) they are ready to fork over some cash to learn. So I am sending them a email once a week to give them tips and with the A&P course in the PS part I am setting up sales…See how that works?

It’s not that hard to sale Clickbank products when you are looking at the right products and you are looking at it from the customer and not our own views. I know forever I kept thinking “Who doesn’t want to make money online?” Well I found out not everyone does…Some people just want it for info but that is where we was internet marketers come in and help them.


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