How To Sale Clickbank Products

There is a lot of people just starting out in the IM world who don’t understand how to sale anything on Clickbank. A lot of the problem is because they have been burned on “junk products” from Clickbank and therefore they don’t think anything good is on Clickbank but that is not necessarily true. That is the reason I am writing this article is to tell  you how to sell Clickbank products.

Sure there is plenty of “Get Rich’ products on Clickbank and you can buy them for $48 dollars, sometimes that is what they cost monthly but there is other products as well. For example, there is a study course for Human Anatomy and Physiology Course, Click Here to see it, it hardly has any refunds and sales at least on the average 16 a day, that is $37 a sale multiplied by 16 sales that is $592 a day. Do you think it is impossible for you to sale at least 5 of those a day? read more

Does Anyone Make Money With Clickbank Anymore?

You know if you search any forums or chat rooms online the one question you always here is “Does anyone make money with Clickbank anymore?” And the answer is HELL YEAH they do. Now lets be honest though not all Clickbank products are credit worthy. Some of the products are simply put garbage but they sale as well. Your job is to find something you stand behind and sale it.

The first mistake marketers make when trying to choose a product on Clickbank is they go for the “make money online” stuff. I know that was one of my first mistakes. Now your trying to sale products to other people who are making money online too. So they automatically know they are getting an affiliated product and they become an affiliate themselves. Other thing is that they see emails all day about making money online and they are numb to your emails. read more

Easy Clickbank Method

I get many questions and most of them are “What’s a method I can use to make money online?” One way that many people use to make money online is by making a review videos of Clickbank products.

Things you will need

1. Clickbank account

2. Product

3. Youtube Account

4. (record your web browser)

5. Hitleap

This is a real easy Clickbank method that many people bank on. What you do is find a good product on Clickbank (make sure it is popular and has gravity, you don’t want to be reviewing something that no one wants). Buy it (yeah I know your trying to make money but if you want to make money you got to spend money). Some people ask the owner or vendor for a review copy but I find it’s best just to go ahead and buy it. Use the product for a few days. read more