Easy Clickbank Method

I get many questions and most of them are “What’s a method I can use to make money online?” One way that many people use to make money online is by making a review videos of Clickbank products.

Things you will need

1. Clickbank account

2. Product

3. Youtube Account

4. Screenr.com (record your web browser)

5. Hitleap

This is a real easy Clickbank method that many people bank on. What you do is find a good product on Clickbank (make sure it is popular and has gravity, you don’t want to be reviewing something that no one wants). Buy it (yeah I know your trying to make money but if you want to make money you got to spend money). Some people ask the owner or vendor for a review copy but I find it’s best just to go ahead and buy it. Use the product for a few days. read more