How To Get Content For Your Blog

Let’s face it some people just don’t like writing. Like me I hate to write to be honest. If I wasn’t trying to make a living out of writing this blog and I didn’t have passion for what I am doing on this website than I wouldn’t even attempt to write. But wonder if you don’t like what you are writing about and there is good money in it? For example “Luxury Homes In Alabama”(There is some a free niche for someone).

I have a few websites that I have been getting original content for and I don’t write anything for them. What I do is outsource it. Let’s face it, it’s either money or time and I don’t want to take the time to write anything for those websites.

So how I get content for my blog (s) is using . Crowd Content hooks up writers with people who are looking for content. So lets say I need a article about Flight 370 and I need some main ideas or percussive writing to get what I am trying to say pointed out. I just create an order and tell how I want it wrote .You can also set the quality at which you want it wrote and trust me you get what you pay for.

I know some people try to go the way of spun content on their blog and that is fine if you want a blog for backlinks which is another story but if you are wanting people really reading your content then you are going to need good writing that will keep people coming back and get the search engines ranking you higher. If you open a page while surfing the web and it is not clearly wrote, what are you going to do? You are going to close it, well you don’t want people closing your content because that increases your bounce rate (The time in which people leave your site). If you have a high bounce rate search engines will not rank you high which will ultimately affect your blog and earnings.  So give your audience great content and they will reward you. If you can’t write it or you don’t have the time pay someone else to do it. And if you can’t do either than maybe this ain’t the work for you…

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