Congrats! You Made It!

You have come a long way since the beginning of this process and hope you took the time and effort necessary to make the jump from ‘product buyer’ to ‘product creator.”

You now have a product selling online that will continue to bring you sales, profits and most importantly, subscribers for years to come!

I don’t want you to stop there, keep the momentum going!

Go back to your product research list of ideas and get started on number 2 right away.

Continue to provide quality to your customers and go that extra mile for them.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your list and recommend other products as an affiliate.

You will see the best results once you have at least 4-5 products out the in market, selling every day and a list that will being to bring you steady $100+ paydays.

Many people out there aren’t willing to put in the work to be truly successful online but you have shown you are willing and able by completing all the tasks in this coaching program.

At the MINIMUM you should aim to release 1 product a month, for those more aggressive and wanting to be JOB free faster, once every 2-3 weeks will keep your list growing, engaged and actively opening, clicking links and buying products you recommend as an affiliate.

As you scale up you can also look at adding JV contests, even if for small amounts, it will help attract affiliates, added more OTOs to increase sales potential, spending more time promoting from the time you have your W+ listing to launch day to attract more affiliates, giving top affiliates 100% throughout the funnel and also moving off the forum to self-hosted launches.

Keep it simple for your first 3-5, but I want you to see the potential.

Now…rinse and repeat and I can’t wait to hear about your successes!

Thank you again for putting your trust in me to teach you this complete business plan and hope you are one that takes advantage of this coaching.


P.S. If you liked this coaching program, let me stay in your contact and I’ll give you some of my other methods on how I make money online!

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