[DAY 11] Keep That First Draft Rolling Along!

The ‘Conclusion’ and ‘Thank You’ sections are what tie the entire report together and add that final exclamation point for the reader.

In your conclusion, recap the method or strategies you taught. No more than a couple sentences for each one. If it takes you more for a 30 thousand foot overview, your methods are most likely too complicated for a beginner.

Newbies can leverage on and use my entire system WITHOUT paying any loyalty or licensing fees

Then, in your thank you, you want to obviously thank the buyer and encourage them to take action on your teachings. This let’s them know that you stand by your methods and are supporting them which makes you human and builds a connection.

Even though 90% won’t take action, you want to start building that relationship with your buyer’s to help when you are sending affiliate emails and building trust so they buy through your links.

Again, include a photo and contact information.

Many choose to create a Facebook group in which buyers can ask questions, share ideas and help to continue to build yourself as the authority. This gives you one more place in addition to email marketing to keep in front of your audience and build trust.

Use the same FB group for all of your reports and it will quickly build into a community of fans that will continue to buy from you over and over again with future reports.

Get these two sections done tonight as homework and continue to work on your draft. You should be getting very close to finishing and tomorrow we will talk about bringing it all together.






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