[DAY 12] Completing Your Draft

You’ve been working on your outline and draft the past 3 days and hope it’s nearing completion. If you aren’t totally finished yet, that’s fine! While we keep moving forward towards the day you release the report for sale, continue to make edits and add information as needed.

Finalize your table of contents and add a footer and page numbers to each page.

Double check all links inside the report to make sure they are working

Read through again from the point of the buyer. Are there any areas that are theory and not fact or opinion?

Are you telling the reader what to do, rather than making suggestions?

Are there areas of the reports that leave room for support questions? If so, work on simplifying or adding a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module after your ‘Conclusion.’

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You should also add a new section now of “Recommended Resources” that you may have used in the report. If your report is on “Getting Traffic to a Squeeze Page” as I mentioned earlier in the training, you will want to include the link for an Auto-Responder, squeeze page generators, hosting and traffic sites.

You also have the opportunity to sell to the buyer again as an affiliate with similar reports that tackle the same problem but with a different solution.  No more than 2-3 affiliate links here and pre-sell writing a short paragraph on each product and why you know it will help the reader. Warrior Plus or JVZoo is where to look.

For homework, run through these steps and add your “Recommended Resources” section. Continue to write the main method content also if you haven’t finished yet.

Have a good one and talk to you tomorrow!




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