[DAY 14] Outlining Your Sales Letter

You should have found your 5 example sales letters to use as your template for yours. Open that doc and then copy and paste the sales letter outline into it. Here it is again from yesterday’s lesson:\

The Easiest Way To Make Money<<<<<<

Sales Letter Formula

1- What Are You Selling? Write The Headline Telling That

2- Dig Into it. Ask Questions To Bring Out Pain Points

3- Relate Their Need To Your Own Or Others

4- Tell The Reader What You Have Created

5- Explain What They Get- Be Upfront and Clear

6 -Explain The Value of What They Get- Not In Dollars, But In Usefulness

7- Offer (Price)

8- Refund Policy

9- PS Close. Buy This


Now go through and start writing pulling elements from the example sales letters you found. Of course you can’t copy word for word but use these as inspiration and rewrite to fit your own style and product.

Successful sales letters follow the same basic outline covered above so no need to reinvent the wheel here! This is also a skill and why copywriters are in such demand. I can tell you it will get easier with repetition and practice.

For your first few reports, I highly recommend you don’t go out and spend money on a copywriter. The number of sales won’t justify the expense. Save this for once you are getting a couple hundred sales each report and have had the time to recruit and attract affiliates for each launch.

For your homework tonight, start writing your sales letter! Have fun with it and don’t stress!


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