: [DAY 16] Report and Sales Letter Completed?

By now you should about have your report and sales letter completed. Don’t worry about creating a complete graphic sales page, we are going to be uploading it to the Warrior Forum in a few days where text based sales letter are the norm and even sell better in most cases.

Once your report is completed, you can save it as a PDF and take a look at the version your buyers will receive. Check through for any style edits that need to be made and spend the extra time here making sure you report looks professional and not styled by a high school student.

Once your report is completed, move onto your sales letter. Even though this will be test based, there are some things you can do to give it some POP and keep the reader engaged.

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First: Each paragraph should be no more than 2 sentences. Make it easy to digest and flow for the reader.

Second: Bold, underline, italicize, upper-case or combination at least one emotion word in each sentence. Take a look at the example here for a list building report:

“All thanks to a simple method I used to monetize free subscribers immediately after they ‘opted-in’ WITHOUT them needing to pull out their credit card or log into their PayPal account!”

The reader’s eyes are drawn to simple method which is what buyers want when buying a report and the word WITHOUT which further let’s the reader know the subscriber has less steps to take, thus simpler for them also.

Third: Your main header sentence will be in large font, centered in the page. Use a different color like Red to make it stand out and add emphasis. Start off with a hook word such as, GET, LEARN, MY EXACT, STEP BY STEP. Tell the reader right off the bat what they are buying in once sentence. Avoid asking a question here because if the answer is no, you have lost a potential buyer before the read on and let the sales copy do its job.

Fourth: Include the product 3d cover image when you introduce the solution.

Fifth: Include a real photo of yourself in the sales copy at the end when you are closing it down. Even though you already have a photo in your profile, this will help people know they are buying from a real person and will increase trust and conversions.

As you were doing your sales page research, compare your layout to the other text only sales copy examples that sold well. You will find common themes and trends that work well for all.

Tomorrow we are going to set a goal for completion and choose your launch date!





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