[DAY 19] Understand the Funnel

How are your download pages and OTO sales page coming along? I hope things are going smooth and I wanted to give you another day to catch up on creating those pages and polishing your report and sales page copy.

Let’s go over a few broader topics about product creation.

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When it’s time to launch your product, you are going to have a front end offer that is a dime-sale that starts at $4.00 and tops out at $9.95. The price will raise $.05 automatically each time someone purchases. This adds an element of social proof since people will be able to tell others have already bought before them.


Once the customer purchases they will be brought to an OTO (One Time Offer).  This OTO will be priced at $9.00.


You will give away 100% commission on the front end offer and 50% commission on the OTO.  This will keep your affiliates happy and allows you to still profit in the process 🙂 Again, Warrior Plus handles all this automatically so you just sit back and collect commissions. (Not quite but paints a nice picture J )


In order to get a lot of affiliates promoting your product you need to make sure your product has a high EPC.  You can ensure your product has a high EPC by putting together the proper sales funnel. This is one of the most effective pricing and structure that many WSO sellers use.


On your future product launches you can scale up for bigger profits with higher priced OTO offers and multiple products in the funnel. This is simple to do but we want you to learn the basics and then carry that momentum and scale with your next reports. For your first 3-4, stick with the foundation funnel as I want you to build a strong foundation of experience as well.


Tomorrow you are going to create your OTO offer. Nothing to lose sleep over tonight. It’s going to be very simple and just add value to the front end report.  On average, 30% of front end buyers will purchase the OTO so you don’t need to have a product as large or with as much information.


Enjoy the rest of your page creation and talk tomorrow!











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