Day 2-Time to Take Action!

I believe getting in the proper mindset is crucial to success in this business and that you understand there is no magic pushbutton out there online that will bring you overnight riches. No matter what anyone may want to lead you to believe.

Think Long Term

Let’s say you release your first WSO and only do 50 sales. Actually not a bad number for your first report! Not only did you get 50 sales but you just added 50 buyers to your list.  When we are focusing on buyers, not freebie seekers, the size of your list doesn’t matter as much. Quality matters.


On your next product you release, you will mail out to those 50 buyers you have and for this product you might get 15 sales. Then on your third product you will mail out to those 15 subscribers and maybe get a total of 20 sales, and so on.


Eventually your buyers list is going to be big enough to get you 100 sales on the day you launch your product and once you hit 100 sales A LOT of affiliates are going to be putting in requests to promote your product which will result in even more sales.


Basically, each WSO you launch should do better than the previous because each time you launch a WSO you are going to have a bigger buyers list.


I am also going to teach you how to attract affiliates even before you release your product that will bring you more sales and get you over 100 sales with relative ease. And remember, every single full time marketer you see out there, including myself, started with a list of ZERO buyers. So you aren’t alone, your just brand new to the game like everyone else was at one point.

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Produce Quality Content

You need to make sure you provide everything you promised in the sales letter.  If you promised you would teach them “x” in the sales letter, make sure you actually teach them that in the product.


Put In The Required Work

This is a business and it is important you understand that.  You can’t expect to “half-ass” this and expect to become rich.  If you want to make a living off this system you need to put in the work and treat this like a real business.  Those that are successful are successful because they put in the work to get to where they are.


Again, the take home point of all this is to JUST DO IT!  Have the proper mindset and put in the work.  You won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the work.  If you do put in the work you will receive the rewards forever.


If you need motivation check out The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.


Tomorrow we are going to talk about laying the foundation with needed tools and setting yourself up for success!



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