Day 2 -Social Accounts


Welcome to day 2. On Day I briefly told you what we was doing with youtube. And if you remember I told you to find a niche. If your anything familiar with Internet Marketing you will know what a niche is. If not it’s whatever you are interested in. It could be “making money online” it could also be pro wrestling or golfing too. If you like it chances are they are tons of other people who like it too and there is money on the table so your going to grab it. For my example I am going to use model railroading as my niche. (Use this and I’ll break your fingers lol).

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Next your going  to create a new Google Account/Youtube channel that is related to your niche. If you already have an youtube account that’s fine but if you don’t want to risk it being took down you should create a new one.

After you create your new account you are going to create a corresponding social media account. Start with Google+. Add a pic of something niche related as your profile pic. Look for model railroading groups on google plus. Get added to the groups and add people who follow the group.

Next go to twitter and start a twitter account for your niche and use the email that you used to start your youtube account with. For example I create a new google/youtube account (  I am now going to create a twitter account by using the email . Search on twitter for people related to your niche for example I would look up  Model Railroading  and add people that are into the niche and people that followed them. You need to do the same.

Next go to Facebook, you can use your main account. Create A Fan Page related to your niche. If you don’t know how to create a fan page just Google it. You can invite your friends to your page but you can also pay facebook for likes. It’s either money or your time with Facebook. If I have a few bucks I prefer money but you might not have it and after all this a free method. Everyone has their own way of adding likes so use what’s best for you. But make sure your youtube channel is your website link.

By now you get the point, keep adding social accounts. The three I instructed above are the most important but the more the merrier, Another tip use Reddit. As long as you don’t spam Reddit is awesome for traffic so if you don’t have a Reddit account I suggest you get one.

This part of your training is long but it is important so make sure to follow the directions. Get fans and followers it’s the key to getting consistent traffic. Adding your fan base goes on after day 2 this is the part that you will have to work the most on but the good part is after a while it will snow ball.

If you have any questions leave them below and I will do my best to answer .

Get Ready For Day 3…. I will upload and send to you tomorrow!

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