[DAY 21] Creating Your Sales Video for OTO Sales Page

Your OTO sales video couldn’t be simpler and please don’t be scared. This is much easier than it sounds!

You’ll need either Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic to record through your webcam and allow you to edit the video and upload to YouTube. Both of those links go to free trials so grab one. Screencast-O-Matic is MUCH MUCH MORE user friendly.

In this short 90 second video (told you it would be easy), you are just going to record yourself speaking to your buyers. Just pretend you are talking to one, single, person. That helps me take the pressure off and sound natural.

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You are going to

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Thank them for picking up “NAME OF REPORT”
  3. Then say “As a special upgrade to you, I have created “Describe your OTO product.”
  4. List the benefits they will receive if they buy now.
  5. Tell them it’s only $9 and hope the realize hope much this will help.
  6. Thank them again and say “Good Bye!”

DONE! Not so bad is it? Sit up straight, put on a clean shirt, make sure there is light and whatever can be seen behind you in the screen shot is appropriate and clean.

Don’t worry if you stutter once or mis-pronounce something. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to keep a smile on your face and speak with some excitement. Show your customers that you are a real person and they will reward you with sales.

After you get it uploaded into YouTube. Embed the video in your OTO sales page and set it to Auto Play. So immediately when you buyer gets redirected to that page, video starts and you’ll make more sales.

Hope it didn’t take you too many tries to get your video done. This is another element of product creation that pushes you outside your comfort zone. But those who can do it, go on to be very successful.

For homework tonight, get this video uploaded and embedded in your OTO sales page. Also finish up any needed work on the rest of your pages.


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