[DAY 22] Auto-Responder Set Up

Before setting up your offer in Warrior Plus, you need to set up your auto-responder. Either GetResponse (use this link and get first month free) or Aweber. W+ integrates with either of these services and your buyer is automatically added to the email list for your product.

The set up for either service is nearly identical and if you need clarification, use their support knowledgebase or YouTube like I do.

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Set up 2 new lists inside your AR. One for the FE product and one for the OTO product. Set both to ‘single opt-in.’ If that option isn’t available for you, you’ll have to send a support email to them at request that it is set to single opt-in.

Next I want you to create a welcome message. This message is automatically sent once the subscriber purchases your product.

Here is an example you can copy and paste to use yourself. Just edit out your product name and link.

Welcome to PRODUCT NAME!


I just wanted to welcome and congratulate you on your purchase.

Please take a moment to white list my emails so you can stay up to date on all the latest happenings. You can get access to your product by following the link below.


Remember that if you need any help at all, head over and connect with me on Facebook. I spend all day on Facebook so you can ask away and I will get back to you ASAP.


To your success!


Just copy and paste that in and edit for both your FE list and OTO list. When setting up your Warrior Plus offer tomorrow, W+ will ask for the names of the lists from a drop down menu and AR integration is complete!

For homework, complete this step and wrap up your OTO and video if not completed yet.



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