[DAY 25] Attracting Affiliates and Finding Reviewers

Attracting affiliates is an area that a lot of people have trouble with. Continue to work on this each and every day and it will pay off long term with a circle of eager affiliates who love promoting your products because it makes them money and you are someone that will return the favor by mailing for them once their product also goes live.

To get started, you need to be active on FB and start friend requesting other affiliates and product creators. To find them, join the main JV (joint venture) FB groups.










That is enough to get you started and you can even drop your affiliate sign up link from Warrior Plus in there also to get your name out there. Just have realistic expectations for your first launch.\

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Start liking other posts and PMing other product creators to introduce yourself. Don’t ask them to promote right away but take the time to build a relationship. Offer a review copy and tell them you hope that you can support them down the road as you grow. Some will offer to promote but don’t be overly aggressive asking someone you just PMed to promote for you. This will turn them away.


If you find a larger affiliate that likes your product, offer a bonus spot to them. Even if they can’t mail this time, this will help to build that affiliate relationship that will help you in the long run.


Your first few products might not attract too many affiliates, but if you keep at it and don’t give up, almost each product launch you do will attract affiliate. The key to attracting affiliates is to reach 100 sales.  Once you reach 100 sales and have a decent EPC, affiliates will begin to notice.


Eventually, you will do this enough to where your list is big enough to produce 100 sales for you when you email out to your list.  This means all you would need to do is create the product, mail out to your list, and once affiliates see that your product hit 100 sales, they will start putting in affiliate requests.


While you are in these groups, also look for potential product reviewers. Simply ask if they would be willing to leave a review on your WSO once live and send them over a copy of your FE report.


You want to aim for 10 reviewers and know that a couple will flake out on you. Another easy place to get reviewers fast is the Warrior Foum. In the sub forum “Wanted- Members Looking to Hire You” you can post a new thread for $5 and request that only those Warriors with over 50 posts and a profile pic can receive a review copy in exchange for agreeing to leave a review once live.


You’ll have more than enough people who reply in the thread or PM you to get to 10. Also ask for feedback and be open to suggestions from others. Let them know you welcome any opportunity to improve the report if they thought anything was unclear or needed more detail.


While you join these groups tonight as homework, start friending other product creators and affiliates on FB, get networking and expand your base! Also start lining up at least 10 reviewers for your report.  Tomorrow you are going to take a day to get organized as your big launch day is coming up quickly!



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