[DAY 27] Congrats, Launch Day!

Congrats, you made it! Time for your WSO to go live and start making some sales. Use this checklist to walk you through the steps from making your WSO go live to managing your thread and updates in the group.


  1. 20 minutes before scheduled launch time: Log into WF, in Private Messages click link to pay $20 for WSO to go live.


  1. Go to WSO section of WF and open your WSO thread. Click Edit and add in W+ forum button code to sales page. Make sure to center. 3 buttons payment buttons.

-Under sales hook, under product image in middle and again at end of sale page.

-Button Code found here in WarriorPlus → Vedor → Offers → Offer Name→ Get Code → Forum Code (make sure to verify code on same page)


  1. Add WSO URL into W+: Same page as button code. Click Gear Icon in green Main page box → Page Setup → Copy in Sales Page URL (WF WSO Thread URL)


  1. On same Offer Page → Blue “Offer Setup/Options” → Offer Settings → WSO Post → Select Title of New WSO from drop down menu.


  1. Post reply to thread, ideally first reply directly under sales page.

“Reserved for FAQs”


  1. Subscribe to your thread: Up top of thread: Thread Tools → Subscribe To This Thread→ Instant Notifications By Email


  1. Send email broadcast to your buyer lists if you have one. Use WSO URL as link.


  1. Post link in Breakthrough Product Creation Mastermind FB group personal thread.


  1. Send PM or email to people offered review product in exchange for testimonial.


  1. Buy yourself using 2nd PayPal or Credit Card with different email than your PP email to test funnel.


  1. Only check in every 2 hours to thread to keep EPC high as possible. Thank commenters and quote their post and add reply.


  1. New affiliates will request approval. For first 72 hours, only approve known affiliates. Do not approve those with higher “refund rate” than “conversion rate” or with no WF profile unless known outside the forum or by other mastermind members.

If under 100 sales after first 72 hours, can approve affiliates with “conversion rate” higher than “refund rate” and over 10 sales.


If you have a Warrior Forum signature link, you can change that to your new WSO and continue posting in the forum to continue to drive sales in each day.  Now you also have a completed WSO that you can leverage for future products and use as a bonus product. Be proud today because you made the jump from ‘product buyer’ to ‘product creator.’ Have fun today and tomorrow we will talk about support to your new list of customers.



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