[DAY 28] After the Sale, Support and Refunds

I truly hope your sales are going smooth and no technical problems yesterday. Moving forward there are a few things that separate quality sellers.

  1. Support: How fast do you answer your support emails? Most questions deal with subscribers who can’t access the product or just need clarification on one point in your report.

Reply back ASAP to these buyers and always thank them again for their purchase. This goes for PM’s via the Warrior Forum and questions in the WSO thread. Buyers and potential buyers appreciate this and you’d be surprised how hard this is for some sellers.

  1. Refund Requests: I spoke about refund requests before but want to bring it up again since your report is now live and selling. No matter how good your report, there is a certain buyer who will ask for a refund no matter what. Doesn’t matter the seller, their game is to buy and immediately ask for a refund.

I always recommend that you first remind the refund requester of your 30 day policy and they must use the method for 30 days first and show proof of their work. Then ask if there is anything they need clarification on.  90%+ of people you reply to like that won’t reply back again.

Should someone turn out to be a headache, just send them back their money via PayPal and NOT through W+. This will help protect your refund rate, keep it at 0% and attract more affiliates over time.

Some refund requesters will be aggressive and go right through PayPal and file a dispute. Thankfully PayPal sides with sellers especially with digital goods.

Should you get a PayPal dispute notice, reply that it is a digital good and you can even take a screen shot of your Warrior Plus transaction for that seller and show that they accessed the product. As long as they accessed the product and PayPal knows it was a digital good, they will side with you, the sellers. Then also block the buyers in W+ for future products. If you did refund them, ‘block access’ within Warrior Plus as well.

  1. WSO Thread Management: Answer all questions in the WSO thread by quoting their question and posting a new reply. Be honest with those who ask questions and just give enough to answer the question without giving the entire method and teachings away.


Should someone have a very specific question that would lead to the entire method being given away. Simply send them a PM and post in the WSO thread, “Thanks for your question, sent you a PM.”


Tomorrow we will talk about email marketing to your list of buyers.


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