[DAY 29] Email Marketing and Profits!

Email marketing is actually where the true profits come from product creation. The product was your lead generation tool to get subscribers on your buyer list. And now you make the real money from sending quality emails promoting not only your future products but also those products from other creators.
While your list is smaller, under a few hundred people, stick to promoting other affiliate products from similar niche topics of your own. If your first product was on list building, only promote other products in the list building, email marketing, traffic and funnel creation niche topics.
If you were to promote a social media product to this list, it likely would results in low conversion rates and unsubscribers.

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I also recommend that you promote only those products that you have read through and think the method is solid and would add value to your subscribers. Bottom line, if you wouldn’t have been happy with buying it yourself, don’t send an email to your list about it.
You can find upcoming products to promote using the JV groups in Facebook, Muncheye.com and the upcoming launch Calendar in both WarriorPlus and JVZoo. Many product creators will also give you review access and have email swipes available that you can use.
When starting out take advantage of these email swipes and just add in your own personality. Don’t use the swipes word for word but use as a template for your own email.
Email marketing is an area that you will want to spend time learning and increasing your education through other courses. This is what separates those who build solid relationships with their list and make the $100+ day and those who struggle to get even a few sales each day from their list.
Of course email marketing becomes more effective the larger your list but getting those first sales will show you the potential once your list is much larger and you are releasing products every month or quicker and have begun trading bonus spots and have new subscribers coming in each and every day.
Typically 3-5 wsos will get you to the 20+ sales per affiliate email and $100+ days. Some sooner, some longer but if you have the goal in mind and want to achieve it, you can and will. Product creation again isn’t get rich quick, you are building a REAL business and it takes time.
Don’t be afraid to mail your list! Start with 2 content only emails made up of a few tips from your product research on your niche topic and then 1-2 promotional emails a week. Once your list grow and you have fresh subscribers coming on daily, you can increase the frequency of your promo emails.
For homework, find a few affiliate products you would like to promote. Use Warrior+ or JVZoo and request approval stating that you would like to mail this offer out to your new WSO buyer list. If needed, ask the product creator for a ‘swipe’ email.

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