[DAY 5] Product Research Continued

Once you come up with a list of problems you can confirm that they would be a good product idea by heading over to WarriorPlus and see if there has recently been a few products released about that specific problem.

Just make sure that whatever problem you choose to solve (create your product on), has plenty of people who are interested in buying.

You have your list of 10 product ideas, now what?

Time to validate your product ideas from your forum research.

Head to WarriorPlus.com

warrior plus

After logging in you are going to search recent sellers based on your research of top 10 ideas. You want to see multiple products that have sold recently over 100 copies with over a 10% conversion rate and visitor value over $.50 at least. Older products tend to have lower conversion rates and visitor value as time goes on but recent products should be at least in the past 6 months.

Once logged in…

  1. Click on “Affiliates”
  2. Click on “Offers”
  3. Enter the “Keyword” for your researched topic
  4. Click on “Search”

A list of products based on that keyword will display.  Just in past 3 months for the “List Building” keyword, 25+ products that have done over 100+ sales and another dozen that have sold between 50-100 copies. Sounds good to me and this would validate your product idea if on your niche research list.

I Made over $1,000 Using This Method<<<<<<<

Go ahead and do this now for all of your 10 product possibilities on your spreadsheet. Create a 2nd column and place a checkmark by each niche topic that has a product released in the past 3 months.

A second way to use Warrior Plus for research is taking a look at the product that won WSO of the Day and checking the niche topic as well. This will show you the topics with the larger buyer markets. Let’s take a look at a recent list of the previous 10 award winners.

Deal of The Day

Do this now with the most recent ten and put a star next to any niche topic research idea that has a similar topic awarded WSO of the Day.

Keep on this for your homework today and tomorrow you will finally choose a topic and begin your report!


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