[DAY 6] Choosing Your Product Niche and Research

Hope you spent some quality time on your product research and have a list of 10 ideas to choose from.

Anything on the list that you have experience on?

Anything that you have been wanting to know more about?

Anything that you saw the same question being asked over and over again that you could answer with some simple research?

I don’t want you to agonize over this part, this is your first product, it doesn’t have to be an award winning report, just help the buyer by answering their questions. As you do this more and more it WILL get easier and fresh product ideas will come to you.

Remember, there are very few product creators who are coming out with 100% unique ideas each and every time. We are just offering a service by saving people time in getting their questions about the topic niche answered.

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Once you have your topic niche chosen, it’s time to dive into that niche and research. You can become more of an expert than you think with a few hours of dedicated research in your new niche.

The first place to go is into the niche sub forums of the Warrior Forum. You’ll be able to find your niche topic and again look at the most common problems people have with that niche that reoccur over and over again to make for the basis of your report. Start taking notes as you’ll use these for your report!



How to…..? are going to be very common in these forums and take notes on the questions and answers. Start a word doc and just start copying and pasting questions and answers into it to start your research.

Tomorrow you are going to choose the actual angle of your report and dive into product research even deeper to help you become an expert in the shortest amount of time possible.




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