[DAY 7] Choosing Your Product Angle

You’ve done some research now on common questions in your niche topic and started to gather information on answers. Now let’s decide on what you are going to teach the buyer of your report.

List building is an evergreen topic and you may have noticed questions from people asking how to build their list cheaply or how to buy solo ads. I also see a lot of questions on how to make money from their funnels. All of those are good topics that have hungry buyers and products that sell very well constantly getting released.

Any one of those questions can be a central topic of your report. As a few examples:

  • 5 methods to Build Your List for Free
  • Don’t Get Burnt Buying Solo Ads, Let Me Show You How to Maximize Your Funnel and Solo Each Time you Buy!
  • 10 simple but powerful and effective list building tweaks you need to make today!

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in your chosen main theme for your report. Now its time to dig deeper and become a real expert.

On the top of the word document that you started already, title it with the chosen topic you are going to teach your buyers.

Watch Him Make $500 In One Hour (Must See Video)<<<<<<

You already have some research done from yesterday going through the sub forums and now we need more content to fill your report and answer deeper into the question you are answering for your buyer.

To become an expert in a short period, you need to start consuming content in your nice.

A few of my favorite places to research are YouTube and Webinar Swaps. Both are free and you will be able to find your niche topics you chose for your report and answers to help your buyers.

If you have a budget and want to speed up the process, go back to Warrior Plus and buy a few reports that have sold over 100 copies that seem to be closely related to your chosen topic.

Also take notes into your word document on answers to problems and the methods taught. You can research the methods more on YouTube and in the forums to compile research.  You should spend the next 1-2 days just on research to become an expert in your chosen niche topic.

Continue to compile research on your topic, posting in the Warrior Forum and taking notes filling up that word doc you started!

Talk tomorrow and keep working!


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