[DAY 8] Time To Name Your Report and Get A Cover

This is one of my favorite parts that really starts to bring the project together.

You are going to choose a name for your report and order an ecover.

For your name you want something simple and short. No need to kill yourself here.

1) Make it easy for readers to buy. Buyers want a magic pill. They want to follow directions and enjoy the benefits the title promises. For example, “5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Squeeze Page.”

2) Be outrageous with your book title. People do judge a book by its title. It must be so outstanding and catchy it compels the reader to either buy on the spot or look further to the description of the report. Take a risk. “

3) Titles do sell report. Include your audience in your title. When your title isn’t targeted other famous authors’ general titles get the buyer. Always make your title clear and make it easy for your audience to recognize they need your eBook.

4) Create impact for your title – Check out other authors’ titles by researching on the W+/JVZoo as well as ClickBank. Your title must compel the reader to buy now.

5) Use power words to compel someone to buy your eBook. This strategy is used very effectively in advertisements. Words such as “Free”, “How to” and a number of ways such as “101”, or“1001” are attention grabbing words.

After you have your title, head over to Fiverr.com and order a 3d ecover image. I also like to get the flat 2d image to use as the first page for my reports. Up to you, just a style preference that adds quality but won’t affect sales.

Two sellers on Fiverr are popular in the IM niche:



Give them the title you choose, color scheme, image of your own or both of these sellers can choose that for you and add your name as the author.

You’ll have this ecover back in a day. Continue your research and tomorrow you will start your ebook outline and the actual writing process.



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