[DAY 9] Outlining Your Report

Today you are going to outline your book right inside the same word doc you have been gathering research. This will help keep your writing organized and everything together.

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Page 1: Insert your Ecover

Page 2: Table of Contents and Legal Disclaimer

Page 3: Welcome

Page 4: Module 1- Introduction

-Introduce problems your report is solving and briefly talk about upcoming modules.

Module 2

-Introduce Solution/Step #1

-Walk through solution/step

Module 3

-Introduce Solution/Step #2

-Walk through solution/step

Module X

Module X etc…


Recommended Resources

Thank You

The book should follow a natural A-Z progression. If you are teaching traffic methods to a squeeze page, you would start out teaching basic squeeze page set up so the reader has something to send traffic to and then start with the easiest traffic method first and most actionable. Then move up in complexity levels. If your report includes FREE and PAID methods, start with free methods first and then move into PAID methods.

For homework today, get your outlined completed and visualize yourself as the buyer. Do the modules take you through the steps one by one to accomplish what you aim to teach them?

Tomorrow I will go into more detail as you start to write your first draft.


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