Day 4-Scaling

Okay you got first video up and running. It’s connected to your social media accounts that are all under the same “niche”. It’s connected to your adsense account. It has an affiliate or cpa offer in the video and it has a link to an affiliate or cpa offer  in the description too.


The next thing to do is go back and add another niche related video in the “cc” section. So if my niche was model railroading I need to go back and add another model railroading video. Remember to change the video clip it, add parts whatever it takes to make it “unique”. You will need to do this with about 25 or more videos all niche related on your channel. Share each video, once per day on all your social media accounts. Example take “this video” share it to facebook, twitter,google, reddit, etc. take “next video” the next day and share it to reddit,twitter,facebook etc.

>>>>>>This System Has Pulled In Millions<<<<<<<

You will see traffic start to come to your channel and subscribers. The money should start to come flowing in, slowly but surely. The goal is at least one sale from this channel every two days. You should see a small income from this after a couple weeks pending on niche your in.

So you are fully monetized now. So you should be making $300 a day right?…..WRONG….You have to scale this. Meaning you have to keep repeating this system in other niches in order to start making real money.

You have a channel on model railroading, your next channel will be golf, next one is self help etc.  each one with at least 25 videos or more on it. Each channel with its own set of social media accounts. Add affiliate links in each description and if you can in each video. This is the key to making big money after about ten youtube accounts you should start to see $8 a day in adsense $$ and possibly $50-$150 a day in Affiliate Commissions. If you do 20 channels with 25 videos on each channel that is over 500 videos with affiliate links and adsense running on them. You are going to make some big money and probably $300 a day.

Many of you are wondering how you can get away with making that many google accounts, social media accounts etc. I use free texting apps like pinger so when they ask you for mobile phone # to verify your account you give them your texting app # that way you can keep making unique channels/accounts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

The downfall of this method though is that sometimes competitors will flag your videos and have your channel took down. Just make sure to keep coming back and checking to see if your channel is still there. If it isn’t, just start another channel and start more social media accounts. I know it can be a pain but this really does pay off.

If you liked this short little ecourse look out for more emails from me in the future. Don’t worry I won’t spam you and I will not give your email to other people. I will just share what has worked for me over the years my methods and strategies to making money online and hopefully they will work for you.

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