Can You Make Good Money On Fiverr?

If you’ve been marketing for a  few years online, you have heard of the website Fiverr. If your new to making money online it’s a website that pays you $5 for completing small jobs or gis for other people. One of the main things though that most marketers want to know is if you can make good money on Fiverr. You can but you got to know what your doing first.

The first thing you should actually look at is how much your actually making. After Fiverr takes their share, and Paypal takes their share, your only making $3.85. So your actually not making $5. So when you’re doing the math or figuring out how much time your going to put into a job make sure you’re not calculating $5 but $3.85 by the time it hits you.

Which brings me to my next factor, time. Time is the one thing you should consider when you’re thinking about posting a job on Fiverr. Lets say you flip burgers at McDonalds for $8.00. Do you want to be working on a job for Fiverr for $3.85 an hour? But wonder if you could do a job in one minute for that much? That is 3.85 x 60 min that is $231 an hour! Now your cooking with gas. It’s unlikely that you will make $231 an hour on Fiverr but your time is at least becoming more valuable.   One might be wondering though, “How could you do a job in one minute on Fiverr?” It’s easy actually, put jobs on automation. You get bots to do jobs for you, you find plr items and resell them, I sold before and after weightloss photos on Fiverr. When someone orders my job or gig as they call it, I just send them an attachment of my photos and I am done. I made easy money. You don’t want to be rewriting an article for someone that takes an hour to do. Find things to do that only a minute or two than you are making good money.

Another thing I would look into if your wanting to make good money on Fiverr is unique content. If someone is selling 300 youtube likes, you’ll want to sale 400 youtube likes. Fiverr is still a new site in its infancy. There is plenty of niches which have not been capitalized on yet. You got a PLR(Resell Rights) Articles on Real Estate and nobody else has them on Fiverr, sale them!

The last thing I would do if your wanting to make money on Fiverr is sell as much as you can. I think you can post 20 jobs to start on Fiverr. Make sure your filling all those spots . The more gigs you got posted the more your going to make. Just make sure your selling automated gigs. You can get on Fiverr once a day and lets say customers buy 4 of your gigs. You can deliver all 4 gigs within a few minutes and you’ve made an easy $15.40.

You can make good money on Fiverr but you got to know what your doing first. Take time into consideration and make sure to do the math. Posting as many gigs as you can and making them automated jobs saves you time which saves you money. Now there is many more things you can do to help get your jobs traffic so they can be seen and bought  but we will go into that later. Right now use creativity, and find automated processes.

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