Update Time! Quitting My Job To Do IM Full Time

So last week I was sitting at my job and it hit me. I am miserable. I do not like coming into this place anymore making someone else money while my work suffers. So I decided that I would just quit my job and take my chances investing with help from guides posted at Skrumble.com. I don’t know how well that will work yet but I am going to try. I also wanted to give you a small update on SeoAutopilot because I haven’t in a while.

Quitting My Job To Do IM Full Time

I know I have talked about a few times on here before. Probalby more thanĀ  a few times over the years. I finally decided now is the time and I just did it. I’ll be honest I am nervous because I don’t know how well I will do but at least I am working for the biggest dumb ass I know. One thing that will do for me is open up more time to work on this blog. I don’t post much but a few times through the year. I want to dedicate an hour out of the week to this blog. Because this is my passion and I want to help other people achieve what I am doing and to start overcoming the labour problem around us. So I know I say it often but my goal is to give more time to this blog now because well I will have it. Starting in July hopefully you hear from me once a week and I can start getting some real traffic to this blog. read more