Update Time! Quitting My Job To Do IM Full Time

So last week I was sitting at my job and it hit me. I am miserable. I do not like coming into this place anymore making someone else money while my work suffers. So I decided that I would just quit my job and take my chances investing with help from guides posted at Skrumble.com. I don’t know how well that will work yet but I am going to try. I also wanted to give you a small update on SeoAutopilot because I haven’t in a while.

Quitting My Job To Do IM Full Time

I know I have talked about a few times on here before. Probalby more than  a few times over the years. I finally decided now is the time and I just did it. I’ll be honest I am nervous because I don’t know how well I will do but at least I am working for the biggest dumb ass I know. One thing that will do for me is open up more time to work on this blog. I don’t post much but a few times through the year. I want to dedicate an hour out of the week to this blog. Because this is my passion and I want to help other people achieve what I am doing and to start overcoming the labour problem around us. So I know I say it often but my goal is to give more time to this blog now because well I will have it. Starting in July hopefully you hear from me once a week and I can start getting some real traffic to this blog. read more

My Recent Purchase From My IM Earnings

So I usually don’t talk much about what’s going on in my personal life but I have people ask me for motivation in their IM Journey all the time so I thought I would write about my recent purchase due to Internet Marketing and how you can sell your product in intenert. I live in mountain terrian and I am always wanting a break from my computer desk and a fun thing to do in the area I live in is to go 4 wheeling so I purchased a Side By Side. Here is an actual picture below.

20017 Kawasaki Teyrx

I’ll be honest though I still “haven’t arrived”where I think I am going to be able to survive on IM alone though. One thing I have read in multiple fiance books is that is always best to have multiple streams of income. Right now the majority of my income comes from cams and a few big whales. What if chaturbate says I broke the terms and conditions and bans my account? I will loss most of my income just like that. That can and does happen all the time. Another thing that is possible is that my few big spenders could just quit and then the majority of my income is gone just like that. read more

Making Money Online:Selling The Niche Vs. Actually Just Doing It

Whats Been Going On

Hey guys once again I’m sorry I’ve been super busy hustling and I haven’t gave this site much thought to be honest. If someone is consistently telling you they are making money online but every time you look around they are sending out emails or writing on their personal blog chances are they are selling you the “make money online” opportunity. Meaning they are selling you software or something to deal with the niche. The method or software doesn’t make their money. It might’ve one time but they are probably just selling you the product which is how they are making money.Which I will get to in a minute. read more

What’s Been Going On With Earnings, Motivation and More

Well guys and girls I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here and I apologize about not writing more. I’ve been super busy with my Chaturbate white labels, my day job and doing “honey do’s” around the house, ha! Anyways I got to check up on this blog and accepting comments and such and I read everyone of them and a gentlemen by the name of Neil wanted to post and show my earnings to motivate. Lucky for Neil and me I’ve been earning more than I ever have . Things have been going above and beyond my expectations with my online income and below I’ll show a pic and more. When things are going as good as they are with my earnings on chaturbate it’s hard to concentrate on this blog so I am sure you understand that. read more

Super Easy Method To Make $50 A Day

Hey guys and girls I know it’s been a while, I’ve been real busy moving into my new home that IM has helped to afford. I feel like I am at a spot in my life where I could make it just on my Internet Marketing income but I chose not to because of health insurance and two it helps me to be social and get out of the house. So I believe I am going to keep working even though I could probably be fine just making what I do online. Anyhow during this time a friend of mine showed me a real easy way to make an extra $50 or more a day just following a few steps! That is an extra $1,500 a month if you want to do the math! read more

Slow Month…

Well guys and girls I would like to say it’s been a money making January and I am in the Caribbean Celebrating but that would be a lie. It has been slow this month and it usually is because most people have spent all their money at Christmas (Don’t worry Tax Season Is Almost Here!!!). I have however been trying  a new autoblogging method that is making me a few bucks a day and here in a few weeks I will share it with you.

I’ve not been working hard on my email list which is a big no no. Anyhow I have been concentrating and working hard on my autoblogs and my dailymotion and youtube accounts. I have never made as much money online as I have with youtube so it will always be one of my main ways of making money online. The beauty of it is that I have never had to film myself or produce a video. Sign up for my newsletter  if you want to know how I been making $300 a day online with youtube. Click Here  read more

Can You Make A Full Time Income Online?

When I first got into making money online. One of the first things I wanted to know is can sole proprietor like myself make a full time income online? What I have found to be true is it depends on a few things.

One of the first things it depends on is my willingness to work. If I just created this website and never updated it or rarely updated it I doubt it would make any money. Do you think the guys who created Google or Facebook just made their respective websites than just left them alone on autopilot? You have to be willing to work very hard just like you would in the real world. read more