Making Money Online:Selling The Niche Vs. Actually Just Doing It

Whats Been Going On

Hey guys once again I’m sorry I’ve been super busy hustling and I haven’t gave this site much thought to be honest. If someone is consistently telling you they are making money online but every time you look around they are sending out emails or writing on their personal blog chances are they are selling you the “make money online” opportunity. Meaning they are selling you software or something to deal with the niche. The method or software doesn’t make their money. It might’ve one time but they are probably just selling you the product which is how they are making money.Which I will get to in a minute.

Update on my earnings:

As most of you are well aware my niche has went to the dark side with adult 🙂 so I don’t try to sell you the m.m.o. niche. 1. I am not generating $50,000 a day online, that is dishonest  and 2. If I am making $50,000 a day online I am not going to tell you how I am doing it because that will just bring competition into what I’m doing. For more on financial growth we recommend to go to

Last month I pulled in over $5,200 in online cash. That is really good for me because my goal at the end of the year is $6,000. I said I would quit my day job once I reached $3,000 a month but I changed my mind. 1: I have a few medical issues which insurance would cost a lot where I am from and 2: people like me need structure and 3. I am little greedy.

People Making Money Online vs. People Selling The M.M.O. Niche

Anyhow if you wonder why I tell you about my niche and methods it is to motivate you. I also know most people don’t want to invest in an online business it’s a gamble. I also know most of you to be honest won’t endure what it takes to make it online and last and lastly I got my own twist to things that I don’t give away. Everyone has to develop their own twist.

If you have a brick business you would have to invest in it to make it look and attract people and you would need special equipment to beat your competition. You would also need your own unique twist on things and the right digital tool, using the perfect paystub creator can help you with the financial Documents Right to Your Email quickly and Easily!

For example, if your in the coffee shop business ( I have been before), you are going to need a good espresso machine to compete and your also going to need something that makes you better or different than other coffee shops. Well the same thing applies online. Those things take money and they take time to perfect and you got to develop your own twist that is different from everyone elses. I like to think of Target and Walmart, think about how they are the same thing but they are different.

If you get an email that says learn how to make $300 a day today, trust me I’ve fell for everyone of them, its not going to happen today. I’m not saying they are lying to you I am just saying it is going to take time and your going to have to put your own twist and creative side to it and your going to have to invest time and money. You can’t do everything the same way they are doing it and expect the same results. When someone is selling something like that its because they have already probably milked it to death and now they are just selling left overs. I’d say though at one time the software or the method they are selling did work but don’t you think it would be stupid to sell something that your doing to make money? Your creating your own competition?!


Anyhow I hope I gave you food for thought. If it sounds like I am being arrogant, I don’t mean to be. I’ve been doing this for almost 6 years now and I am finally making some money. I am telling you stuff that I wished most people would tell me. Yes I do sell stuff on here time to time but it is stuff I use to help me profit, it’s not the “get rich” scheme its a part of the process I use to make money. If this seems like a ramble it probably is a little bit, I am tired but I’ve missed writing on here. If you got anything you would like to add to this comment below, I love hearing from you guys. Good Luck in your online ventures! -Smoot

3 thoughts on “Making Money Online:Selling The Niche Vs. Actually Just Doing It”

  1. Hey man I left you a comment on other post you haven’t posted it 🙁

    I am building tons of Adult sites I’m just over 20 now!

    My plan is to get to 100 and hope I can hit 100 visits a day – I am getting 400 visits to Chaturbate but hardly any signups but going on GFY forum this seems normal!

    Are you doing $5k just with CB?

    1. I”m sorry I didn’t see it….Yes 5k off one chaturbate account. All it takes is a couple good whales and the way you get whales is plenty of traffic. Thats good start with 20 how much traffic are you getting with those 20 sites? Have you been link building? Used to I wouldn’t invest my money in link building but that is where it’s at man if you want to make money. Get a pro on BHW or something to do it for you. Someone with high ratings. Hope to hear from ya soon.

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