My Method For Unique Free Content

Hey guys and girls hope everyone is doing well. As usual if I am on here writing all the time and not doing what really makes money than you know I am lying. I haven’t been on here in a while so what does that tell you? Anyhow I know I told you about Expired Article Hunter a few months ago and it used to work well but now it doesn’t work at all. I tried to contact their support team and no one ever answered me back so I gave up on them. That made me really sad too because I don’t like to write especially if I don’t have a big interest in it. So now I have to come up with my own content but I am not a really good writer and if your like me you want to spend your time cashing in and not writing all the time! So I looked at how expired article hunter was built and I thought I could use their system to come up with free articles at least.  Below is my step by step method to get completely free unique content if you have anything else to add please put it in the comment section below because as usual I would like to here about it.

  1. Go to   create an account and use their search bar for  your niche and a list of domains should come up for your niche. For example if your niche is golf, you should search for golf related terms like “golf carts” and see what domains popup. Check out the metrics of the domain the more backlinks it had or has the more likely it has good info (people are linking to it for some reason). Copy the domain
  2. 2. Go to       and paste the domain and use the wayback machine search bar to search for past copies of the website. Pick a date that it was saved and click that date. Some websites won’t have nothing on them or 303 errors and stuff but some will have plenty of info on them. Pick a good article or info from the site copy it.
  3. Go to or a another free online copyright checker and paste the article you just copied on the Web.Archive. Make sure that it is not anywhere else on the web. If it is not, congratulations. You have a free article in your niche.

This does take a little bit of time but if you are like me this is easier than coming up with enough info to make a rankable website. I’ve recently used this method to build a website and the site is starting to rank so I know it works well. I hope this short tutorial gives you some ideas and helps you make a few bucks online. If it has let me know below, I always like hearing from everyone.

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