Do Email List Make Money?

If you explain to someone that you build an email list to make money online most of the time they initially don’t get it but after you show them how Amazon, or any other big company uses a list to reach out to their customers it kind of clicks with them.

How do they make money though? Well if you been in to internet marketing for a while you know how they make money is by affiliate links. You send out an email to large amount of targeted traffic and when someone clicks on your link and they buy a product, you make money.

I’ve heard this equation before which I think could be true but it’s really not. If you have 10,000 people on your list and just 1% buy a product that gives you a commission of $50 you make 5,000! Sounds nice don’t it? Set up a squeeze page (page that captures emails), give a way a free gift on that page and build a list of 10,000 using Safe Swaps¬†(we will get to them later) and every week just send them 1 email you will make thousands problem solved.

There is a few problems though if you go this way. First of all, most of them just gave you their email for the free gift. Second, most of those emails are what they call their junk email address and will never look at your emails again. Third, how do they know to trust you? What makes you better than all the other people sending them an emails wanting them to buy something. Another problem is do you use the products you are trying to sale? If you don’t need them or use them how can tiy stand behind a product. If you are thinking I don’t have to stand by it because my face is not on the product than your not off to good start.

I heard this equation on a forum and it made sense to me. I guy was sending out an email to a list that had 8 million in it and he sent out the same email to a email list with just 8,000 on it. He said the list that had only 8,000 in it did better because the person who owned that list built a relationship with his list.

Selling on the internet is no different than in the real world. You have to have trust and you should stand behind your product (Even if you don’t stand behind your product but people trust you, you can still sale but you gotta sleep with that). I guess what I am telling you is if you take the time to build a relationship you will make more in the end.

How do you build a relationship? You build a relationship by being honest. You also do it by honestly trying to help people. If your only goal is to make money and not to help people your not going to make much money. I heard one entrepreneur put this way, don’t chase money, chase problems and solve them. If you read an article and it inspired you or helped you send it to your list. If you watch a video that helped send it to your list. If you use a product¬† that helps you with traffic or rank send it to your list! Notice the last sentence that is how you do it.

So that is how you really make money with a list. Sure you can build a list fast and just blast them with emails and hope they buy something or you can build a relationship and know they will buy because they trust you. I choose the latter.

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