How To Make Money On Youtube

Even though its been around for more than 9 years now many people still don’t know how to make money on Youtube. So in case you don’t know or you are totally clueless, here is a few ways that I use and you can use to  make money on the website.

The first way that I have used to make money on Youtube and still make a passive income  is by monetizing your content. You can do this by going to channel settings  and in the features setting go to Monetization and click enable , after you do that you go view monetization settings. You will the question “How will I get paid?” you will see a link that says link your adsense account to your Youtube account click on that and follow the directions. You are all set now to run advertisements and make money. In order to make money though you need views. What I do is mass upload with videoswiper youtube uploader I try to keep each channel on the same subject. Some of my channels get took down some of them stay up but I do make a little extra each month from doing that.

Another way you can make money from Youtube is by making review videos for Amazon products or Clickbank products. You do this buy purchasing the product or doing research on the product than give your thoughts on it with your affiliate link in the description. I’ve used this method to make a few dollars although I’ve heard of other people making big money with this method.

And the third way  to make money on youtube is by using CPA networks with linklockers. For example  take a video about League of Legends and you tell people to click the link in the description. After they click the link in the description you redirect them to a survey in order to get the hack. Once they complete the survey you get paid. Anywhere from .50 to $20.00! I have made some money with this method but I haven’t scaled it to make big money. I know some people using this method make hundreds daily. The place to start with this method is either Sharecash or AdWorkMedia

I hope I’ve gave you some ideas on how you to can make a little dough. I’ve only discussed the ways I’ve used to make money on Youtube although I am sure there is several ways to do it. There is some people who make a full time income from what they do on the website . The only problem I have with them is that at anytime your channel can be took down for any reason so you don’t have that much control. But if you have persistence you can persevere


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