Trying A Traffic Exchange Method

I am currently trying a traffic exchange method (yeah I know 1999 called and they want their method back) on top of everything else that I am doing to see if it works. I’m not really concerned about how much I make but more concerned with what is the point of traffic exchanges and what do they do if any for websites. On top of the sharecash method I am using a squeeze page, and another traffic site with it.
So here is the list of things I am using

Sharecash Account For Product Locking Click Here For Sharecash account

SEOClerks Account so I can buy a bot

Blogger Account to make a squeeze page for traffic bot and yes it is real

Sites like hitleap,,…you get the point plenty of automated traffic.


Okay the method..

If you have signed up for the all above websites, the next thing your going to do is buy a bot on SEOClerks. Find anyone of them that interest you but make it relevant to traffic. Make sure you can resell it.

The next thing your going to do is make a squeeze page with blogger around whatever bot you bought. For example you bot a facebook likes bot, you make your blogger site and then make your background a Facebook like or somethig. Make sure to go to layout and get rid of the navigate bar, favicon, comments, about you get it strip all of that away.

Then go to sharecash upload your bot to sharecash and put a product lock on it.Then go back to blogger and put a call to action button on the squeeze page.

Now on all the traffic exchange sites upload this blogger site . The thing is people who use traffic exchange sites are interested in one thing traffic. So if you got a bot that produces traffic, they should want to do the survey to unlock your bot.

I don’t have any results yet but that is what I worked on yesterday so I am giving it time.

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