My Channels Got Took Down By Youtube and The Lesson I Learned

Youtube was one of my best and favorite ways to make money online. Well I know I am not the first person this has happened too and I know I’m not the last but my channels got took down. I have made thousands of dollars from these channels too so it puts a big dent in my online money making endeavors.


Now if you know anything about me YT it is one of the ways I made some steady money online. I had over 25 channels and in one or two days all of them was took down. I thought I knew Youtube’s terms of service and the correct way to use them but I guess I did not! read more

Make Money With Dailymotion

So I know it ┬áhas been a while, I’ve been pretty busy lately. My day job has needed my attention and I’ve been a little sick lately but nothing to worry about. though. Anyhow one of the methods I have been using to to make money lately involves dailymotion.

Dailymotion is the second to only youtube as far as video websites are concerned. One of the reasons you don’t hear of dailymotion as compared to youtube in IM circles is because until recently you could only be a partner on youtube and youtube is owned by Google. The one advantage dailymotion has over youtube is that it isn’t ban crazy. read more

Easy To Do Youtube Method

Many people ask me what is the easiest and fastest way to make money online. Besides Amazon and Ebay, I think Youtube is the one sure way to making bank on the internet.

You might be wondering “How do you make money online with Youtube?” If you have read of some of my earlier post you will know that I do it from monetizing my videos with Adsense. That is real easy to do if you need help here is fantastic video Click Here

The part that gets everyone stuck though is material. Where are you going to get stuff to film or where are you going to get footage? read more