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So I know it  has been a while, I’ve been pretty busy lately. My day job has needed my attention and I’ve been a little sick lately but nothing to worry about. though. Anyhow one of the methods I have been using to to make money lately involves dailymotion.

Dailymotion is the second to only youtube as far as video websites are concerned. One of the reasons you don’t hear of dailymotion as compared to youtube in IM circles is because until recently you could only be a partner on youtube and youtube is owned by Google. The one advantage dailymotion has over youtube is that it isn’t ban crazy.

Now though Dailymotion allows video uploaders to become partners. Which means you can now earn a portion of the ad revenue made by your videos. So the key to this is to upload as many videos as you can to dailymotion.and that is easy to do because Dailymotion has a mass upload tool. Which means it’s easy to upload hundreds of videos daily if you want to.

What I do is use Video Spin Blaster Pro and 4k Downloader I first pick a niche, then I find videos that are free to resuse than I use 4k to download them I then upload them to the spin blaster pro to make them unique usually just take a couple seconds off . Then I use the dailymotion mass uploader to upload them to dailymotion. So far I have hundred and fifty videos up and I am making couple bucks a day so this can be scaled.

The best part about it is, dailymotion is not as ban crazy as youtube. So you don’t have to worry about losing your videos but I am still to new this and I will let you know if that sticks. Until next time.-Smoot

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