Update On What I Been Doing

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote you so I thought I better drop a line. You know a lot of times I don’t get a chance to where I stay busy at my other job but now is better than no time I guess. I write a lot about all the different methods I try online and sometimes I don’t write you about all of them because they are not working for me yet.

I actually have been concentrating on my Amazon websites and really nothing else. One is in the music niche and the other in the health/weight loss niche. I built one site with exact domain name match + reviews. It was for a ten dollar book which all marketers will tell you to start with something over $100 because there is not a enough commissions in the $10 stuff, I wanted to see if I could rank it high because obviously most marketers are not going to fool with it. I figured if no one is pushing it as a website, it could be like a mini niche site that would stay at the top for a while and catch me some amazon buyers. Well a few months later I am still waiting on that. Some people would say “you need to write more content”. I’ve at least 5 articles on the page and to be honest I haven’t put much effort into ranking it. As I was writing this I started thinking of ways to monetize it and it just hit me “I forgot to put a sign up sheet on that site” That means I have successfully ruined my chances of getting the 15 or so visitors that web page gets per day back. You should always build a list and I messed that up well I fixed it today.

When it comes to the music site I am actually impressed with it. It has the looks, it’s mobile responsive and it is designed to get amazon clicks. I am following the actual model by a person on BlackhatWorld. Their site sold for $60,000! What I have done is hired a musician to write articles for me from Odesk.com for the website. I have review articles of products than I have a few articles on just the subject no selling. It’s starting to build quickly although it really hasn’t ranked for nothing yet but when it does you will be the first to know.

On my list building, I started click banking with people (that is when you send them a predetermined amount of clicks than they send them back to you) The problem is that once I started clickbanking I realized I am starting to get spammy and I didn’t want to do that to my list  It’s one thing to send out a paid solo but it’s a  whole other thing when you are sending out emails to that list 5 times a day. It’s going to give you a bad rep and pretty soon you won’t have no one wanting to buy anything off of you. So I laid off of my list building but I am seeing a drop in sales too so I am getting back on top of that.

My video websites are doing alright, I am realizing that I am just grabbing stuff from youtube that is already on youtube and I am not changing it except for the descriptions and titles I am sure I need to do more than that to get those websites to rank more but I haven’t put much effort into doing that because it would be such a huge undertaking to do. I did use SEOClerks on one of the websites to see if it would help it to rank. I am going to give a few weeks and we will see how it does after that.

Another than that it’s just work, come home and do the family thing than work on a little homework than bed. Hopefully all this work I do online will pay off and I can concentrate just on my online adventures which is my dream. I could lie to you and tell you I am making $10,000 monthly to get a sale of you but I figured being honest might help in the long run too. Till Next Time……………….

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